Bollywood rising out side India and Foreigners accepting it

Bollywood is  largest film industry in entire world from past few years ,according to a report Bollywood releasing more than thousands each year  , and Because of Bollywood Mumbai is one of the most important film cities in the world . Bollywood sold more than 2.2 billion movies ticket in India in a single year and left China behind with 1.25 billion ticket sell per year .

During 90’s to 2000 world didn’t know much about Bollywood but in this new Bollywood movies like Dangal,Bahubali ,Newton ,Baby ,Secret superstar , Parmanu are really impressed foreigners  with awesome acting and well  script  and direction .

International collections increasing for Indian movies, from US to China

The multilingual Indian movie, now dubbed in Mandarin for Chinese viewers, is expected to pip the box office collections of Dangal, which claims to have raked in over Rs 1500 crore from the land of the red dragon.

Bahubali fans in China will get their answers, in their own mother tongue, when the second part of the epic movie -‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ – reels out across 4000 screens in China this September.

The rising popularity of Indian movies —Bollywood as well as regional cinema – has uncovered a new revenue stream for Indian cinema. Revenue from ‘overseas theatricals’, as a part of overall film industry proceeds, has risen from Rs 760 crore in 2012 to nearly Rs 1,100 crore in 2016, as per a recent KPMG report. The Indian film industry was worth Rs 14,230 crore in that year.

Fan followings of Bollywood stars

Aamir Khan in China and the United Kingdom, Shah Rukh Khan in the United States and Germany, and Salman Khan in the Gulf countries — those are pretty much the hottest markets for these stars of Bollywood, although their popularity extends to other countries, too, from Canada and Japan to Malaysia and Turkey.


“The US, UK, Canada and Gulf countries already have a good viewership for Indian movies. Other countries such as China are also waking up to Indian movies. This is a very supportive trend”.
The 1980s and the 90s were dark ages, if one were to measure ‘overseas theatrical’ success of Bollywood films. Barring a few offbeat films (parallel cinema, in industry parlance) winning critical acclaim, not many Indian movies crossed the seas to reach foreign audiences. This trend, however, reversed progressively with Lagaan, Devdas and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (in 2001, 2002 and 2006 respectively doing gainful business in the UK, the US, Canada and GCC countries.

Subsequent Bollywood blockbusters such as 3-Idiots, Dhoom-3, PK, Dangal and Bahubali-2 garnered larger revenue share from overseas theatricals.
The performance of Aamir Khan-starrer Dangal in China earlier this year could well prove to be a game changer. The film reportedly raked in over Rs 1,500 crore from that country, almost 50% more than what all overseas theatricals from India collected in 2016 – and nearly two and a half times the business (about Rs 600 crore) done in India.
Amir Khan is learnt to have travelled across major Chinese cities promoting Dangal and his earlier films PK and 3-Idiots. This, in a way, has created “equity” for his future releases in that country.
“China can be a good market for Indian movies as we’re culturally similar,” says Thakur of Trinity Pictures. “Besides, China is also looking for good content, which can be played on their screens. Indian and Chinese film industries can coexist and be useful for one another,” he adds.

Effect of Bollywood :

Now days people from out side of India always name Bollywood if you ask them ” what you know about India” and most people know Bollywood for it’s colorful stories ,dresses and dance . In recent days Bollywood impressed foreigners with Baahubali , Dangal and Secret Superstar , and also proved that we do not only make colorful and love stories we also raise such well scripted ,raise social issues and movies with great written stories and some amazing actings  movies like PINK , SAAHID , KAHANI , and UDAAN etc. and audience from entire world appreciated it.

Bollywood Films are Expanding in world such as in Germany’s film festival Indian classic dance were performed by artists in Indian sarees and whole audience and judges appreciated their amazing dance  , with Film’s Bollywood is also promoting  Indian Culture ,  same as in Nigeria ,Egypt , Afghanistan ,Pakistan  Russia ,France,China and some other countries .

Why Not So Popular Like Hollywood

“People abroad know Bollywood films as the only representative of Indian cinema. We have failed to promote the other cinemas of the country,”


What Foreigners Think About Bollywood

“people in the Netherlands think Indian films are too melodramatic. The prejudice has to do with the kind of Indian films reaching the Dutch shores.”
“Distributors in the Netherlands get only Bollywood films, which are at least two to three years old,” says Sesie. Sesie, who also teaches Asian cinema at the University of Amsterdam, says a few more good films, and the people”s views on Indian films will change.
“I showed around 15 good Indian films to my students. And there was a stark difference in their opinion about Indian films. At the end of it, they were willing to consider Indian cinema as part of good world cinema,” says Sesie, who was here for the International Film Festival of India.