four killed in eastern Canada

Canada Shooting: Four killed including two police

Canada shooting : Two police officers among four killed in eastern Canada

Two police officers are among four people who have been killed in a shooting in eastern Canada.

Police arrested a suspect after the attack in Fredericton, the capital of province New Brunswick.

Officials identified the officers who were killed as Sara May Burns, 43, and Lawrence Robb Costello, 45.

They did not release the names of the two civilian victims.
Earlier, police urged residents in the city to “stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety” and to avoid the area near the shooting.

Police have not mentioned a motive.

“Protecting us today, they gave their lives,” Fredericton mayor Mike O’Brien told the media during a press conference. “We will get through this together but now my thoughts turn to the families of the victims.”

Burns, 43, leaves behind a husband and three children, while Costello, 45, is survived by his partner and four children.

A number of emergency service vehicles were seen on the residential road when the shooting occurred.

The Fredericton Firefighters Association warned social media users not to report on police locations during the incident, writing: “Police, fire and ANB responding to an active incident. Please avoid the area of Brookside Dr between Ring and Main.

Officials told reporters the officers had been responding to reports of shots fired when they found the two civilians on the ground.

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The suspect is in custody in hospital and being treated for “severe” injuries sustained during the incident, but he has not been named. The investigation into the shooting has been taken over by the RCMP, Canada’s federal police force.