Education system need some serious improvements

Introduction: It’s absolutely true that the future and overall development of any country depends upon the fact that how educated its citizens are. Though, gaining a professional degree is not possible for everyone due to various reasons, but what actually matters is the basic education. That is, one should know how to read and how to write.

Today, India has approximately 250 million children going to about 1 million schools and 30 to 40% of these students are enrolled in private schools. While in 2001, only 18% of Indian children were enrolled in private schools it is estimated that by 2025, 75% students will opt for them, if the current trend of disillusionment with government schools continues.

In most nations, the state takes responsibility to educate children. In UK 93%, in USA 92%, in Finland 98% and in Sri Lanka 97% of the children are enrolled in public schools. Private schools across the world have been the preserve of the elite, who believe that the mass public school education system does not meet the all-round development needs of their children, who were born privileged; and are expected to live in privilege.

1. Expand access to high-quality early childhood education programs
America currently invests less in children under the age of 5 than most other developed countries and has a low level of enrollment in early education programs. We know that a dollar invested in children before kindergarten can have great impact, especially for students born into lower socio-economic conditions.

2. Skill Based Learning
Schools should be allowed to provide skill based training. It can be done best by recognizing the areas of interest on any student. If someone is interested in repairing mobiles, there should be provision for mobile engineering course. If someone loves trying hands in handicraft items, the training should be provided for the same and so on.

3. Educate Parents
Educating parents is equally important so that they do not force their children for career which do not actually interest them. Also, necessary steps should be taken to augment and improve the communication between teachers and parents.

4. Focus on recruiting, training and supporting teachers
High-quality teachers help students succeed. We must reform how we recruit, train, and support such teachers. Teacher residencies and preparation programs like Urban Teacher Center represent opportunities to increase the number of teachers with real-world training experiences. National service programs like Citizen Schools work in high-need schools, share best practices such as recruiting people with strong leadership skills and connections to the community and are sources of a diverse talent pool.

5. Replace The Back Dated Syllabus
All the major colleges and universities in India follow the backdated syllabus, which doesn’t fit into the modern world scenario. Because of this backdated syllabus, Indian students are not able to secure a good place in the leading world-class organizations. To improve the colleges in India, the university authorities and the government should focus more on the research and development of the syllabus. The syllabus should talk about the modern world and students should also focus on relevant case studies to improve colleges in India.

6. Focus on Rural Education
Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future of India lies in its villages. If the villages perish, India will perish too.” This alone explains the significance of focus on rural education. We should have schemes and schools that provide good education to children living in villages. Also, it should be assured that good and experienced teachers are there to impart education to children.

7. Encourage college-savings plans
Many low-income families lack the resources to save for the future. Research shows that low-income children who have a college savings account in their names are at least three times more likely to attend college and four times more likely to graduate than their peers who lack such savings accounts for post- secondary training and education programs.

8. Subsidies and Grants for Professional Courses
We are lucky to have different scholarships existing in various schemes for the underprivileged as well as for the meritorious students. We can further improve in this area by having subsidies and grants in various professional courses. This way, aspiring students will not have to leave their studies in between due to their personal financial limitations.

9. Free Basic Computer Skills Classes
The reason that we suggest this point is very straightforward. It is the era of Information Technology and hence, education is nearly incomplete without having basic computer training in it. Be it accounts, engineering, teaching or just the simple back office jobs, computers are everywhere and so, our pupil should have the basic knowledge about them.

10. Personality development
Yes, this is important. We cannot leave this aside. Every final terminal when the exam results come out the schools should make it compulsory for the child to come up with some progress in the skill that he learnt over the year. It can be anything from swimming to music to even computer gaming. (Yes, it improves brain and body coordination and is legit career!) Now, how does he prove this? Well, he can be given a duration depending upon how much time it takes to develop proficiency in his choice of skill and at the end of that period he should produce some sort of participation proof. It can be a district level swimming competition certificate or National singing award. It can even be the Rs.25, 000 cheque he got from Zapak for playing counter strike or the blind home where he volunteered over the summer. His promotion should be conditional to extra-curricular participation only then we can have parents encouraging it.

11. Making Sports Compulsory
Last, but not the least, we should try to make sports compulsory in our education system. This will not only help students to embrace a bright career, but will also help our country in the long run!

12. Health education
Another area that needs improvement and attention is the health education. We should try to include Yoga or various other workouts in our education system so that children get to learn the value of good health and maintain the same.