Journey of ISRO that bring new revolution in space research

40 years ago on 19 April, Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO) successfully launched Aryabhata, India’s first unmanned indigenous satellite from erstwhile Soviet was launched from Kapustin yar using a Kosmos-3M launch vehicle. It only happens due to the efforts of U.N. Rao.

On that time, Most of the people don’t know anything that What a Satellite is ! they also don’t know anything about building a satellite only U.R. Rao knows about the mechanism of building a satellite. A pact was signed between India and Soviet Union in 1972 , directed by UR Rao. This launch was a pioneer in the history of Indian space research which paved the way for us to explore the space and provide a better way of life for our people. From that day, our country never looks back and ISRO became the first space organisation to launch 104 satellite in one going.

There are some achievement and failures of ISRO mentioned:


1. ISRO launches it’s first Earth Observation Experimental Satellite named ‘BHASKAR-1’ by Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV3) by Rohini Satellite which fails to placed in orbit.

2. ISRO launches an Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) named IRA-1A by Russian Rocket in 1988 which failed.

3. For the first time,An Indian rocket carried a communication satellite GSLV with INSAT-4C in 2006 which failed.

4. In 2017, ISRO fails to put a navigation satellite into orbit due to some malfunction in PSLV.

5. In 2017, ISRO lost despite a successful take off which cost Rs.270 Crore named GSAT-6A.


1. It launches India’s First Satellite in 1975, ‘ARYABHATA’

2. ISRO launches 9 satellite for communication and broadcasting purposes in 1983 known as ‘INSAT’

3. PSLV launched over 40 satellite from 40 different countries since 1993

4. ISRO launches it’s first Lunar Mission named ‘CHANDRAYAN’ which puts India in Elit club of six nation in 2008.

5. ISRO launched a successful mission to Mars known as ‘MANGALYAN’ which cost 10 times less then the same mission taken by USA in 2014.

6. It launches low cost space shuttle reusable launch vehicle at Rs. 95 Crore in 2016.

7. It launches a record 20 satellite from United State of America,Canada,Germany and Indonesia in 2016.

9. It successfully tests GSLV MK3 to enable India to send men to space by 2020.

10. ISRO launches 104 satellite in one go- the most by any space agency ever in 2017.

UPCOMING PROTECT  : ISRO and NASA are working together for worlds most expensive space mission   NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR)  , NASA and ISRO have their work divided for this mission .

::::  In present time ISRO is in a club of top 4 best space agencies in the world , ISRO do not launch satellites for India only it provide facility to launch satellites to several Asian and European countries . ISRO also provide communication satellite and broadcasting satellite to India’s neighbors such as Nepal and Bhutan .

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