Pakistan means “Land of Pure” is it really justifies the way they treat the minorities ?

Pakistan means “Land of Pure” is it really justifies the way they treat the minorities ?

Pakistan means “Land of Pure” is it really justifies them? Have a look on this and decide!

In our country, we always think that minorities are getting suppressed and they are not treated equally.we don’t stop here we compare the situation with other countries and how deal with it even though we compare it to Pakistan.

A recent job advertisement in a popular pakistan’s daily has became a matter of ragging debate in short period of time.This advertisement for Pakistani Rangers is going viral but not for right reasons but for their thinking about minorities. The ad specifies that only “Non-Muslim” are required for sanitation works as is seen as major snide in country about Minorities.

The advertisement was published in “The Dawn” on 26th August listed vacancies for various posts in both Combat and Non combat services.However among all designated job only the work of sanitation specified for Minorities.A photo ad went viral after a activist tweeted it.

This photo started a debate online not only in country but also even people across the border lashed out on ad and called it vendetta of “Naya Pakistan “ under Imran Khan regime.A similar version of ad has been posted on official website of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) and it appeared in miscellaneous sections of daily.

This scenario shows the hypocrisy of the world if this would happened in Muslim Minorities country everyone will be heated up and protesting against it.Every middle east country has already started agitation against them not only them the Indian Muslims has already declared war against them

Advertisement usually bring excitement but this ad created furore in Pakistan.Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, Scheduled Castes and others (including Sikhs and Parsis) are officially recognised as religious minorities in Pakistan.According to the 2017 Census in Pakistan, Christians account for 1.59 per cent of the population, while Hindus account for 1.60 per cent, Qadiani (Ahmadi) make up 0.22 per cent and Scheduled Castes 0.25 per cent.

Several cases of discrimination of people on the grounds of religion have been reported from Pakistan. For instance, on June 13, the minority Sikh community in Peshawar, Pakistan, was moving to other parts of the country following repeated attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.
More than sixty per cent of Peshawar’s 30,000 Sikhs had left for other parts of Pakistan or migrated to India after being forced to live under a constant threat.

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