Mumbai: 'Could have been raped,' says model Megha Sharma who stripped in front of cops

Mumbai: ‘Could have been raped,’ says model Megha Sharma who stripped in front of cops

Megha Sharma, whose video of stripping in front of the cops went viral narrated the whole incident and her ordeal to news agency ANI. Sharma told that she wanted cigarettes and hence called the watchman to get her a few to which he refused saying that he was on duty. She then asked the watchman if he could send any of the three to four security guards to get her cigarettes to which she was refused again.

Sharma, then herself went downstairs to get herself cigarettes and on her way back enquired as to why could not any of the guards or watchman get her the same when they were a number of them. She then told that the guard started misbehaving and went on to call her ‘characterless’ and commented upon her attire. She added that he said, “We are not here to treat you like a princess.”

It is then that she lost her temper and she slapped him. Another watchman joined the argument shortly and started hurling abuses at her. Sharma then said that she herself called the police who arrived within 10 minutes.

According to Sharma, on October 25, around 2.15am, Sharma had called the security guard, Arun, on the intercom and asked him to fetch a pack of cigarettes. Sharma said when Arun refused to comply, she came down to the lobby and beat him up for not complying with her demand. Thereafter, she said, she dialled the police control room and complained about Arun’s misbehaviour.

When the police team comprising of three men arrived in a few minutes, they asked Sharma to lodge a complaint at the police station. Sharma refused to go to the police station, claiming the police were violating the Supreme Court guidelines, which exempt women from being physically present at the police station from 6 pm to 6 am and state a woman cannot be arrested without her lawyer and the presence of a policewoman.

Sharma said, “My fight was with the watchman and those cops who did not allow me to go back, forcibly holding the elevator door open, even after I told them I would visit the police station the next morning. Police kept asking me to come to the police station at that odd hour. When I saw there was no way out of this deadlock, I got frustrated and as a last resort, I began to strip.”

Subsequently, police allowed Sharma to go home and left the building premises. However, the incident did not end there and Sharma tweeted to the Mumbai Police Twitter handle complaining about the police action. Sharma said, “I want action to be taken against the policemen who were harassing me to go to the police station with them. They only registered an NC complaint and refused to file an FIR against the police personnel.”

When asked why the policemen were asking her to visit a police station after 6 pm and violating the SC guidelines, Shailesh Pasalwad, senior police inspector of Oshiwara police station refused to comment and said, “We have taken a complaint in the case and are investigating it. The case will move ahead after the statements of both parties are recorded.”

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