PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 Update to Bring amazing War Mode to Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 Update to Bring amazing War Mode to Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 update patch notes
* Arcade Mode – War – A new, faster-paced variation of Arcade mode.
* New Weapon – Added the SLR Sniper Rifle.
* Portable Closet – Players can now put outfits in their Portable Closets and instantly change clothes during combat.
* The new version also overhauls the main menu design, making tools like game mode, map, viewfinder, and others more accessible.

Another week, another PUBG Mobile update. This time PUBG Mobile publisher Tencent is teasing War Mode. As a part of the PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 update, War Mode will be brought into the game. For the uninitiated, War Mode is the PUBG equivalent of team deathmatch. While regular PUBG matches are of the battle royale variety, War Mode pits two teams against each other with the objective of getting as many kills as needed.

At the moment there’s no concrete date as to when the PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 update goes live. Though with the official PUBG Mobile account talking it up, it would probably be sooner rather than later. While there’s no patch notes for what to expect for Wester audiences, here’s what the 0.7.0 PUBG Mobile update brought to those currently in the PUBG Mobile Android beta.

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Previously Tencent added the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass to the game with the 0.6.0 update. An additional tier, referred to as Elite Royale Pass has also been included. With the Royale Pass you can complete daily and weekly missions to earn additional crates and if you can’t commit that much time to PUBG, you can pay to unlock rewards directly. PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 update download size is 1.7GB on iOS. Other additions to the game include first person perspective (FPP), weapon finishes, new character profiles. emotes, and user interface improvements.

PUBG Mobile competes heavily with Fortnite, a game made by Epic Games. While PUBG is available on iOS and Android, Fortnite is only available on iOS for now. However, a recent report suggests that Fortnite rakes in five times the revenue when compared to PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS combined. This is despite Fortnite only having about half the downloads when compared to PUBG Mobile.