Salman Khan was pissed off at Aayush Sharma before Loveratri

Salman Khan was pissed off at Aayush Sharma before Loveratri

Actor-producer Salman Khan, who is launching his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma with Loveratri, on Monday said that he was pissed off with the debutant actor as he rejected around 9-10 film scripts before agreeing to do this film.

Interacting with the media at the trailer launch of Loveratri, along with film’s actors Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain, and director Abhiraj Minawala in Mumbai, Khan said: “This film has nice love story of a local boy and an NRI girl in a festive backdrop.”

Elaborating on why he was pissed off with Sharma, Khan said: “When Abhiraj (Minawala) and Aayush (Sharma) heard the story, they agreed to do the film. Before that, I was getting kind of pissed off with him (Sharma) because I sent him about 9-10 scripts but he didn’t like those.

“After hearing this (Loveratri) script, he told me that I see myself playing this character, while I didn’t see myself playing those characters… So, that’s how we moved ahead with this film.”

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Salman brought forth the grim situation of what young actors face now, adding that earlier, audience would love debutants but now, the tables have turned. The actor said that compared to when his generation started out, it is much easier now to break a person down due to the lack of support and shifting focus.

Today, launching (a person) is okay because you believe in your script, you believe in your actor and you know, the boys now, the younger generation are really talented. They act really well, they all train. Amazing bodies, really good looking and dancers – they do action phenomenally.

So you can tell that these guys are gonna make it. But after that, if their film does not do well then you need to stand by them and stick by them. So that is what one of the thing is right now.

If something went a little wrong even though the film was good, there is social media, there are some people who enjoy trolling and putting somebody down because perhaps they were eying for the role or you want to be something. So you just forget about the film and partially start breaking that person down. Once that starts, then it just goes on and on and on,” the star added.

How do you get out of this vicious cycle? Salman believes that the fast diminishing positivity and respect must be revived for newcomers to survive and remain motivated. He promised, “once they make it, then you can break them down.”

The session soon broke out into laughter when Salman stated outright that he would not like Aayush to imbibe any quality from him whatsoever. For the simple reason that Aayush is married to his sister Arpita Khan.

“The further he is away from my qualities, the better as he is already married to my sister.” But believe it or not, the first time the Khans met Aayush was not because of Arpita but in fact, in a gym, and it is safe to say that he definitely left a very good impression.

A common gym session between Sohail Khan and Aayush Sharma was all that was needed for Sohail to believe that he had found the perfect actor for a film he had been scripting (not Loveratri). Six months later, Salman and Sohail met him again, but as Arpita’s partner.

Salman hysterically recalled, “So these guys came home and we were standing there. Sohail said ‘Remember that guy I told you about in the gym? He’s the guy.’ I said ‘Chalo, now he will do it for free.'”