Travel Blog : Most mysterious places in India

From most horror to a place where birds commit suicide , there is thousands of mysterious places in India to explore. with a rich culture , history and millions of people who believe in paranormal and supernatural , India is definitely a palace of mystery  and here’s some most mysterious places :


1: A Secret Alien Base : Kongka La Pass ,Ladakh

Kongka La Pass lying in a disputed border area between India and China , At an elevation of 16,970 feet , so neither Indian nor Chines armed forces petrol the region ,locals on either side of the border believe that the area is inhibited by extra-terrestrials . Reports ranging from UFO sightings to sightings of strange humanoids are quite common here.


2: The Abandoned Village : Kuldhara , rajasthan

About 200 years ago , Kuldhara was a village of 1,500 paliwal Bramhins descendants had lived here for more then 5-6 centuries. However one day entire population of Kuldhara with 85 villages fled overnight, According to floklore the
people of kuldhara didn’t just village as it is , but instead they left with a curse , forbidding any future settlements , all that is left here is some broken old buildings and an old temple.

3: The Village Of Twins : Kodini , Kerala

In malappuram district of Kerala Kodini is a small village , just 35 kilometers from calicut , wouldn’t
have entered international spotlight if it was not for the unusually large no of twin births that are regularly reported here ,the village have more then 200 pairs of twins and two sets of triplets.

4: Most Hunted Place in India : bhangarh fort:Rajasthan

Bhangarh was built in 17th century ,fort was a hub of activity in Rajasthan and it was also beautiful that the pink city Jaipur was modelled after its design. However the good days of fort was ended soon and now bhangarh fort is recognized as one of the most hunted place in India . and according to archaeological Survey of India’s notice board forbid’s tourist entry between sunset and sunrise.
some call it curse and some believes that the place is home of evil magician who was in love with princess of Bhangarh , although there are no evidence found that proves any rumors ,tourist report a sense of uneasiness
on entering the fort.

5: The Skeleton Lake : Roopkund , Uttarakhand

every year as ice melt in roopkhand , a glacial lake located at an elevation of 16,500 feet , hundreds of
human skeletons are seen floating . Rediscovered in 1942 by the forest ranger , the skeletons in the roopkhand lake have since then been shrouded in mystery . Researchers believes that the corpses are around 1,200 years old.
Nobody Knows from where the skeletons come from and who were these people were , According to folklore , the skeletons remains are of king jashdhawal of Kanauj , his pregnant wife and hundreds of servants who were headed to nanda devi shrine on a pilgrimage . before they could reach to nanda devi they were caught by hailstorm , with hailstones with the size of cricket balls .unable to find any place to hide the entire group perished near lake

6: Where Birds Commit Suicide : Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga is a small village of Assam like you can expect jatinga have everything ,peaceful holiday destination ,
from other side of tourism jatinga is also famous for a mysterious phenomenon that happens every year during the
late monsoon months. Right after sunset hundred of birds commit mass suicide here. this happens everyday , To no surprise locals give some childish theory that evil spirits in the sky are responsible for the event.
but scientific theory is also not satisfying that they state that the dense monsoon fog and high altitude daze birds . when the dazed birds try to make their way towards village lights, they end up hitting trees and buildings
but no one explain why these birds fly at night , and why they get trapped in the same place every year.

7. The Drowning Church : Shettihalli, Karnataka

The drowning church built by french missionaries in the 1860’s ,the rosary church as it was called back then,was a centre of all community activities . the building not only included a church and orphanage but also a hospital.
However ,exactly 100 years later the Indian government built the gorur dam , which now floods the Hemavathi reservoir . the damage village upstream to be relocated . the villagers obliged and rosary church was left to fight it out with water . since then ,rosary church submerges every year during monsoon and resurface as the water level reduces .

8. Musical Pillars : Vittala Temple Complex, Humpi, Karnataka

The Vittala Temple is one of the most extravagant pieces of architecture in Hampi. Originally built in the 15th century, However, what sets it apart from some other equally glorified temples around the country is a collection of 56 musical pillars, which produce musical sounds when tapped gently. During their rule, the British were so intrigued by the pillars’ music producing ability that they cut two pillars into half to check if anything was inside the seemingly hollow pillars of granite. If you are interested, you can still check these two pillars inside the temple complex.

9. A City of Immortal Beings : Gyanganj ,Somewhere In The Himalayas

The mystery of Himalayas are known in world ,such as the city of immortal brings, when The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas hide mysteries in plenty. One mystery that stands out from the rest is that of a mysterious city of immortal beings, known by several names such as Gyanganj, Shambala, Siddhashram orShangri-La.
It is believed that this place hides from sight and modern mapping technologies, by camouflaging itself or it exists in a different dimension altogether. However, according to legend, the immortal beings who live here not only influence the proceedings of the world in subtle ways, but also guard several secret spiritual teachings of all religions.